Baylor-Sexual Assault Investigations

On Behalf of | May 25, 2016 | Sexual Assault |

Sexual Assault has been raging on headlines in regards to Baylor University. Baylor’s Head Football Coach Art Briles, Athletic Director Ian McCaw, President and Chancellor Kenneth Starr are essentially portrayed as the cause of Baylor’s neglectful actions towards sexual assault allegations. Baylor Alumni, current students, and Waco natives are appalled by the allegations presented on social media and news broadcasts.

What started this controversial network of allegations? Former Baylor football players accused and/or indicted for rape or sexual assault, alleged victims making an outcry on social media or to the media, and current lawsuits against Baylor University or Baylor affiants. Now with such a controversial topic being displayed many would assume that Baylor’s Head football coach Art Briles, Athletic Director Ian McCaw, President and Chancellor are to condemn. The question(s) people should be asking are whether the allegations are facts?

Do these allegations have merit? Is the media disclosing every detail of the allegations? Is this just a ploy of info snacking? Only time will tell.

Sexual assault is a very serious crime in Texas. These allegations that these students are facing generally carry with them a range of punishment of 2 – 20 years confinement in the Texas Department of Correctional Facilities and an optional fine not to exceed $10,000.

Waco has been a focus of the national crime news far too often for its citizens’ preferences.  Everybody remembers the compound issue 20 years ago, and the bike gang shootout at the Waco restaurant just recently.  These scandals of sexual assault are just another embarrassing issue for McClennen County to have to deal with.