Understand the terms of probation in Texas

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Adult probation is a possible penalty for some people when they are facing serious criminal charges. This program is an alternative to prison for people who are convicted of a criminal act.

For people who are facing life on probation, it is essential to find out what terms are present for the probation so that they can ensure that they are in compliance. Failing to comply with probation terms can lead to the person being charged with a probation violation.

Probation requires you to stay out of trouble

When you are on probation, you can’t get into any legal trouble. It doesn’t matter how minor the offense seems. Anything that is against the law is forbidden when a person is on probation. If you get into any legal trouble, even if it is a traffic ticket, you must notify your probation officer immediately.

You must have regular contact with your probation officer

Your probation officer has to have regular contact with you. The probation officer will let you know when you need to report, which could be as frequently as once per week. You must keep your appointments or report when you are told. Additionally, the probation officer has the right to visit you at home or in any other places where you might be, including work.

The terms require you to hold a job

As long as you don’t have any disability that would prevent you from working, you will have to hold a job. This job must be lawful. Your probation officer needs to know where you are working. Other conditions, such as notifying your employer that you are on probation, might be included as part of the condition to hold a job. You must get permission from your probation officer to change jobs or quit a job.

Find stable housing

You are limited to only being able to remain in your home county when you are on probation. You can’t leave the county unless your probation officer gives you written permission. You must have stable housing, and your probation officer needs to know where you live. If you move, you must let the probation officer know immediately. In fact, the rules of probation in Texas actually require you to get permission before you move.

Other terms are also possible

Probation can include other terms, such as staying away from felons or avoiding places that serve alcohol. It is imperative that you learn about the rules you must follow. You can ask for a written set of rules and regulations so that you can review them to make sure that you don’t have to face a probation violation and the legal issues this would lead to.

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